Samsung Dance

Samsung DanceA funny movie is a click away

Un ejemplo de lo que puede hacer la gente cuando se pone de acuerdo.

Es la ceremonia de apertura de la Copa Asiática de Fútbol. Hay explicación en inglés.

I believe this is the opening ceremony for the Asian Cup (soccer) which started last week. As another person mentioned, they are workers for Samsung and all South Korean. Anycall is the name of one of South Korea’s biggest cell service providers. The music also is all Korean, but it wouldn’t help to give the Korean title to the songs, but in general, they are all “fighting” songs. Kind of like our “another one bites the dust”, “we will rock you”, or the like. I think they did a really good job, whether they were payed or not. One thing that I know is that in general, South Koreans are not shy about dancing and singing in front of other people. I was there from 93 until 99 living on the economy.

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